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Laura Coogan, Psychotherapist

Psychotherapist and consultant in the area of severe trauma, depression, anxiety disorders, traumatic stress and secure attachment. Specialist in treating adults, couples, and families in the adoption process. More than thirty years of local and international experience in Transcultural Mental Health.

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I graduated with a Master of Psychology degree at the University of Buenos Aires (1986).

Since then, I have completed many additional training and courses for psychotherapists. I have lectured at the University level and have delivered many presentations and workshops in different countries to diverse audiences.

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What I have seen in common, even among the diversity of case studies, is that individuals with early “secure” attachment often seem to adapt to changing circumstances, being these experienced as unfavorable or positive.
Secure attachment, is the result of a relationship built between a nutrient being and a dependent one. Failures in this primary relationship building bring sequels that make the individual unable to adapt, even though the person may be able to develop as a highly “functioning” being.

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Online Therapy

Not many years ago it was unthinkable to do therapy in a context that was not the psychotherapist office.

Today, with the advance in communications through the internet and the therapeutic experience applied to the new technologies, the online sessions present a highly productive option.

There is however an element that is lost with the online therapy. The patient/client that goes to the therapist office gets ready for the session, there is a "transportation" in time and space and this helps in many cases to emotionally position him/herself to enter the therapeutic context.

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